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Jim Symanski 2.5Hp Wood Fired Stirling


If you are unfamiliar with Stirling cycle engines or their history you may want to visit these pages first.

Link About Stirlings

Link The History of the Stirling

Other Stirlings

Stirlings built by Dustin Symanski and others.

LinkEngine #1 This is the First Stirling I have built!

Link Pictures of all the stirling engines on this site.

Jim Symanski's Stirlings

Here is a selection of some interesting Stirling engines that were built by Jim Symanski in his Pescadero CA workshop. Jim Dandy engineering is dedicated to building low technology, simple and reliable Stirling engines.

LinkJim Dandy #1 The First Stirling by Jim Symanski

LinkJim Dandy #2 A large atmospheric Ryder/Erricson type Stirling

LinkJim Dandy #3 A large pressurized gama Stirling

LinkFire Eater #1 A large fire breathing engine (technically not a Stirling)

LinkJim Dandy #4 A tiny model gama for use in demonstrations

LinkJim Dandy #5 A large atmospheric air cooled Stirling

LinkJim Dandy #6 A 2.5hp Stirling

LinkPictures of all Jims Stirlings and others!

Stirling Links

The Best Stirling Links On The 'Net.

Link An excellent Stirling site in Japan by Koichi Hirata.

Link Roy Rice. Check out his nice stirlings!

Link The American Stirling Co.


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