Jim Dandy #2

The Jim Dandy #2

The Jim Dandy #2 is large replica of the famed Ryder/Erricson design. This engine features two 4 inch pistons and can produce 150W continuously. This engine was scaled off of the Erricson patent drawings and is fabricated from steel with aluminum power pistons. A very large heat exchanging surface, water cooling and a double acting allow this engine to produce a high power output even though it is not pressurized. It's intended use is to punp water in remote locations. A slow running engine the Erricson is almost completely silent.

Specifications (approximate):

Hot Cylinder Bore: 4 inches

Hot Cylender Stroke: 4 inches

Cold Cylinder Bore: 4 inches

Cold Cylinder Stroke: 4 inches

Configuration: Ryder/Erricson Atmospheric

Continuous Power Rating: 150W @ 340RPM nominal

Burner: 80 orfice propane double wall type

Lubrication: Oil cups and periodically greased roller main bearings

Intended Use: As a high pressure water pumping engine

Comments: This is a very quiet and large atmospheric engine

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