Jim Dandy #6

The Jim Dandy #6

The Jim Dandy #6 is the latest Stirling in the lineup. It is a pressurized double acting gama stirling presurized to over 300psi and has a working volume of over 150 cu in. This stirling has over 2.5hp continuous and is run on wood. Some pictures of this awsome Stirling are at the bottom of the page.

Specifications (approximate):

Displacer Bore: 4 inches *2

Displacer Stroke: 4 inches *2

Configuration: Pressurized Double Acting Gama

Continuous Power Rating: 2.5Hp

Pressurization: Air, Helium, CO2 or Argon at up to 300psi

Burner: Wood fire box capable of natural convection of forced air draft

Lubrication: Periodically filled oil cups

Intended Use: Engine for a small cabin or shop

This smooth running engine is really a site to see. At the 150psi running pressure this engine produces a lot of torque. The engine produces over 52ft/lbs of torque with only 150 pounds of pressure. At just over 220rpm this engine produces over 2hp. This is quiet smooth running engine which requires only a few armloads of wood for an entire days work. Able to run on almost any working fluid from helium to air and almost any high temperature heat source this is an ideal engine for test purposes. The mechanical govenor keeps the engine at a very constant 220 rpm regardless of load for flawless power production. The ultra quiet opperation of this stirling engine makes it ideal for installation right in the workspace where the engine does double duty as a fireplace. A super reliable liquid cooling system and air compressor round out the engine. A diagnostic rebuild of the engine after hundreds of hours of hard service revealed that only a few of the seals had any wear at all indicating a very long service life (thousands of hours) with very little maintanance.

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