The Jim Dandy #4

The Jim Dandy #4 is a tiny gama Stirling that is capable of running on a lighter. It runs in the inverted position and drives a four inch fan. Being built entirly of brass and steel it is a beautifull Stirling model. It is nearly an exact scale model of Jim Dandy #5 and is perfect for any Stirling demonstration.

Specifications (approximate):

Displacer Cylinder Bore: 1/4 inches

Displacer Cylender Stroke: 1/4 inches

Cold Cylinder Bore: 1/4 inches

Cold Cylinder Stroke: 0.230 inches

Configuration: Model Gama

Continuous Power Rating: .05W @ 1200 RPM nominal

Burner: Standard lighter or Alcohol burner

Lubrication: One drop of oil per hour

Intended Use: Curiosity

Comments: This is a tiny model Stirling for use as a demonstration

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