Frogs eat many different kinds of insects and worms depending on how big they are themselves. Small tree frogs will eat small insects such as fruit flies, little worms, common house flies and maybe even small mealworms and crickets. DO NOT only feed them storebought food. This is bad for their metabolism. If you caught them in the wild you need to find them wild food occasionally. One good way to do that is to take a net (like a butterfly net except with fine meshing) and sweep it through the grass, foliage and poison ivy. Another good way to catch gourmet meals for your froggy friend is to find a glass or plastic jar. Dig a hole the size of the jar and put the jar inside the hole so that the top of the jar is level with the surrounding ground. Put a board over the top of the jar so that the bugs think it is a place to hide and they fall in and get trapped. Pick out the ones that are small and not beetles and give them to your frog.

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